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The TactileView software, together with the online catalog with pre-made designs and RouteTactile map creator, will offer you the most versatile tools to produce any tactile diagram.

You can find extensive documentation for the software in our online user manual.

For full use you will need a software product code (SPC) to register TactileView. You will receive an SPC if you purchase a license in the Thinkable shop.

For a free introduction you can run TactileView in demonstration mode by skipping the registration step in the configuration wizard. In demonstration mode, you can explore all available software functions to create exceptional tactile graphics, but designs cannot be saved and prints will contain watermarks. If you wish to try out a software version higher than 2.5 while still having an older one installed on your computer, you can install and use them parallelly.

The most recent version of the TactileView software is: 2.200

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